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Clothes Donation

   We encourage you to be actively engaged in serving others.

Our goal is to develop a love for God’s people by providing opportunities of service within the ministries of the church.


   FBC Vidor provides numerous opportunities for service.  We believe that God supplies spiritual gifts to His children through His Holy Spirit. He intends for us to use these gifts to serve others and in turn, bring glory to Him.  Jesus commanded us to wash the feet of others.  Through service projects we accomplish this directive.  While service is fulfilling this command, we always hope that it leads to the opportunity for personal impact with the Gospel to whom the need exists.


    We encourage every member of FBC Vidor to find a place of service.  Every member has the responsibility of identifying and developing their spiritual gift(s).  To facilitate people’s service within the church, there are three categories of service:

Leadership Pipeline- a series of strategic classes meant to help disciples mature in their faith and to prepare them for their place of service. 


Ongoing Service- People actively engaged within an area of service in the church. To view job descriptions click here.


Service Projects- Opportunities normally conducted through the LIFE Group ministry, but available through other venues that serve as opportunities for evangelism.


We firmly believe that it is God’s will for all believers to glorify Him by serving others.

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