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Group Discussion

   We desire you to be actively engaged in spiritual growth. Our goal is to cultivate a biblical community and strengthen your faith through small groups where we study, pray, minister, and do missions together.  


   Our primary focus is to encourage participation in LIFE Groups because it is the best environment in the church to develop authentic relationships with others.  Knowing this, we challenge you to invest in at least one LIFE Group.  Everyone desires meaningful relationships with others who share similar trials and triumphs in life, and we seek to foster these relationships within each LIFE Group.  

What are Life Groups?

Do you desire to become more like Christ?

Are you looking for a way to connect more deeply with others at First Baptist Church?

Are you looking for a way to grow in prayer, Bible study, service, support, and accountability?


LIFE Group Listings:


LIFE Groups are utilized in several different ways to accomplish the goal of discipleship at FBC, Vidor. First, LIFE Groups are used to create an atmosphere of spiritual growth among members through challenging and relevant Bible studies. We feel this provides the best opportunity to properly study, understand, and discuss God’s Word as a LIFE group. Other LIFE Groups are organized by gender or special interest. These groups typically meet on Wednesday nights and cover a variety of relevant topics. We use an acrostic to explain the different elements that take place within our LIFE Groups:

L – Learning God’s Word

      Growing in the Truth of God’s Word

I – Involved in Ministry

     Serving alongside one another to share God’s love with others

F – Fellowship

     Forming strong community with fellow believers

E – Evangelism

     Reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ




If you like to get involved in a LIFE Group at First Baptist Church, contact us at 409.769.2418

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